Parklane Montessori school was established to provide a safe, loving environment where infants and toddlers can grow and develop to their full potential in a Godly way.
With the help of the montessori curriculum we will meet your infant’s physical and emotional needs in a consistent and caring way, helping them learn to trust the people around them. This trust leads to the courage to explore and learn about themselves and the world they live in. Which is why parklane is aimed at doing.


In the event of an emergency, you will be called, and if necessary, your child will be transported by car to the hospital registered with the school. If the emergency is very serious or urgent, we may need to call a Medical Practitioner before contacting you, but you will be reached as soon as possible. You will be responsible for the costs of all medical treatment necessary for your child’s well being.

We take also take necessary precautions against potentially harmful occurrences  such as intruders, intoxicated parents,and security procedures are regularly practiced routinely and/or they are gone over by staff. This prepares them in case the need should arise to effectively deal with such occurencies.
In the case of a medical or dental emergency the parent of the child will be notified.


Park Lane Montessori School wants to be affordable for all parents. We want to ensure that the care of your child is in the hands of capable and responsible caregivers. Park Lane Montessori School opens its doors to donations of toys, books, etc during Birthdays of the Child. All donations will be noted and appreciated


Some features of Baby’s Place Home Day Care that help ensure your child’s health are:

No smoking permitted in the Centre.
Good hygiene is stressed at all times
Children are not allowed to carry around bottles or have them in their beds.
Children are prevented from sharing cups, utensils and food.

We ensure that all toys are clean and Sanitized.
The meals are prepared a clean safe hygienic Kitchen


We advice against bringing sick children to school therefore they we will not accept children that are sick into the premise to prevent spread of communicable diseases and to ensure that the child properly recovers.

We however accept children that are in the after recovery stage (3 days after). In such cases a doctors request permitting the child resume in school will be needed. However we do not accept children that have not recovered fully from a communicable illness such e.g chicken pox, measles rash or viral flues.

Parents of children deemed acceptable for resumption post recovery and that are still on medication must provide the following:

Medication prescribed or ordered by a physician or dentist that will be administered during the time the child is at day care.

Parents will need to give written authorization and instructions by filling out a Medication Permission Form. This form needs to be filled out before the child will be given any medication at the centre.

All medications brought to the centre should be in its original container. They need to be properly labelled with the following:
The child’s name.
The medication name.
We discourage dosage administered over the counter.

Medication will be given according to the instructions on the label.


An incident form will be filled out by Park Lane Montessori School staff if your child exhibited behaviour that is not acceptable and who does not adhere to the classroom discipline policy. A copy of this form with your signature will also be kept in your child file.


Our staffs take every effort to ensure the safety of your child. Unfortunately accidents do occur. In case of that event, an accident form will be filled out by Park Lane Montessori School staff for every detected injury that occurs. A copy with your signature will be retained for your child’s file. A child coming into Park Lane Montessori School with injuries may require an accident form, so that both the parent and Park Lane Montessori School’s staff are aware that it did not occur at the Centre.


There will be a monthly Park Lane Montessori Schools newsletter. Look for that in your child’s bag. It will include information upon upcoming events and information about activities. It may also include messages or requests for families.
Informal parent participation in the centre is always welcome. Parents are invited to visit the centre at any time. On some occasions, such as field trips, parent’s help may be requested.
A volunteer Board of Directors provides leadership and direction for Park Lane Montessori School. This board meets monthly and consists of community members and parents. If you would like to be a member of this board please contact the Director of Park Lane Montessori School.

NOTE: This can only be allowed after serious scrutiny and deliberation by the Board. Admission is subject to availability of space.


From time to time Park Lane Montessori School may do fundraisers to raise money for Orphanage Homes, community service, and educational materials. Park Lane Montessori School hopes for your support during our fundraisers. Fundraisers are a positive way to show community support and family support for early childhood education.


It is required that all children be escorted inside the centre and that the arrival time is recorded on the attendance sheet. When picking up your child please be sure to notify your child’s caregiver and record the departure time on the attendance sheet. It would be appreciated if the centre is notified when your child will absent from the centre.


We believe that field trips are an important part of the program. The school bus would be used and where additional transportation is required the School would request the services of a reputable transport provider and Parents are allowed to recommend such providers (subject to investigation, reputation and safety). Families will be notified in advance of where, when, and any additional cost. We will go on occasional walks to nearby areas as a substitution for limited field trips.
If a field trip is going to be part of the program the following procedure will be followed:
• All children will be placed in a seatbelt and will not be seated in the front seat of the vehicle
• Parent authorization must be obtained


Please keep in mind that a child adjusting to a new surrounding or going through separation anxiety may want to leave with you when you pop in for a visit. We would suggest that you limit visits during these difficult times, until your child has successfully adjusted. Even if you have to leave your crying child, it is usually better to make your goodbyes short and sweet so that your child can sooner adjust to the new situation and go on with his/her day. After a few days, your child will realize that you will come back as you say and his/her morning adjustment will go smoother.


On the enrollment form, you will find a line asking for the names of the individuals who are authorized to pick up your child. You may authorize as many individuals as you wish in writing on your form. You must leave a written note in the morning or tell the member of staff if such a situation arises. We will not allow your child to leave with an unauthorized person; this is for the safety and protection of your child. We will check the ID of the person listed to pick up your child. Please remember to keep this form updated with your current phone number and address.


If any member of staff suspects a child in his/her care has been the victim of child abuse or neglect we are required by law to report our suspicions. Parents would be notified and also the appropriate authorities.