Summer Activities

We want to know what your children like to do, because we want to make their summer special. How about swimming, arts and crafts, reading, cooking, computer games, and field trips!
More details upon the summer program will be provided at a later date.

After-School Activities

With a blend of Montessori philosophy and relaxed play with plenty of time outside. Students also enjoy themed activities, arts & crafts, games.

Weekend Children’s Club

   Learning and Activities includes:
  • Press club
  • Art & Craft
  • Taekwondo
  • Ballet

Sport Activities

we provide the most fun indoor sports activities and games for your kids, from Balloon Football, Hula Hoop, Foam Sports, Ping Pong,Football, to Swimming and Etiquette.


In parklane we teach children to love one another and show good moral value.

Play Areas

Our planned activities provide ample opportunities for exploration of a stimulating and safe environment.


Language development is emphasized with planned and spontaneous opportunities for communication between both parties.


Our infants and toddlers learn though interaction and by exploring the environment using the five senses.


Materials are selected to provide a variety of natural learning experiences for your infant through sensory awareness.


Infant are provided with daily opportunities to discover their world through all of their senses with new and familiar sights, smells, tastes e.t.c.